Temasek Review 2023

Temasek Operating System

We are building future-centric capabilities and creating enablers for innovation and growth across our ecosystem.

The Temasek Operating System (T-OS) offers value to our ecosystem and the marketplace. It co-creates solutions with our partners. Some of the ventures and companies we have set up as part of the T-OS are shown below:

A global technology company partnering Temasek’s portfolio companies to co-innovate and scale Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, with an initial focus on industrial computer vision. Aicadium has partnered Temasek portfolio companies in industrial, manufacturing, and maintenance to apply AI-powered computer vision solutions to drive greater productivity and throughput. Use cases included workplace health and safety, asset inspection, and quality control.

A technology venture to redefine the engagement between brands and consumers in Southeast Asia through the use of machine learning and AI. It launched yuu Rewards Club, a digital consumer rewards programme in Singapore, in strategic partnership with DFI Retail Group and its coalition partners BreadTalk Group, DBS, PAssion Card, Mandai Wildlife Group, and Singtel. yuu has created tangible uplift in the engagement between its partners and consumers.

A technology company to improve data ownership by building new decentralised identity and data exchange solutions. It leverages multiple cutting-edge technologies in decentralised and generative AI domains to simplify managing privacy and security in an ever-connected world. It has introduced Holistic Identity, a complete solution for all aspects of owning and managing digital identities. The company’s core product Affinidi Identity Vault allows people to discover, collect, store, share, and monetise their data.

A blockchain-based technology provider enabling the next generation of cross-border payments and value exchange. It has created an open, interoperable network that offers cost-efficient multi-currency clearing and settlement for financial institutions. These financial institutions include J.P. Morgan, DBS, and Standard Chartered who are our partners in Partior.

A global cybersecurity advisor and educator, supported by a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. A Cyber Resiliency Programme that saw ISTARI product and services companies providing key solutions to Temasek portfolio companies. Sygnia helped our Temasek portfolio companies in several cybersecurity maturity assessments and ongoing access to incident response services in the event of a breach. BlueVoyant’s continuous risk monitoring services improved our portfolio companies’ overall cyber resilience and Mean Time to Resolution.

One of Asia's largest pure-play end-to-end cybersecurity service providers, working with ISTARI to deploy ISTARI’s global portfolio of cyber solutions to clients in Asia. Ensign has developed and patented state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning techniques which are used to develop a suite of proprietary detection models (AI-Powered Cyber Analytics). These models are based on behavioural analytics that can empower our Temasek portfolio companies to detect advanced cyber threats as part of their Managed Security Services.

A company that aims to catalyse the digital transformation of the private and public sectors and was set up in partnership with UST, a global digital transformation solutions provider. Temus has launched a technology talent conversion programme named “Step IT Up”, which supports the conversion of non-tech talent to digital. This programme seeks to address the shortage of deep tech skills which can deliver digital transformation of leading enterprises, Temasek portfolio companies, and public sector agencies in Singapore.

An investment platform company that aims to accelerate decarbonisation globally and drive positive climate impact, while generating sustainable returns. It invests in technology-based solutions, nature-based solutions, and carbon ecosystem enablers. It builds capability across the ecosystem by hosting sharing sessions on decarbonisation technologies and approaches. It also catalyses sector-wide collaborations especially in hard-to-abate industries, and supports Temasek portfolio companies and other businesses with access to high-quality carbon credits, via its portfolio company, Climate Impact X.