Temasek Review 2023
Organisation, Talent & Capabilities

Senior Management

Senior management sets the tone and culture of our institution, leading the delivery of Temasek’s vision and mission.

In line with global best practices of international investment companies, Temasek International (TI) was set up in 2011 as the management arm of Temasek. Today, TI houses all our management and staff, except the Temasek CEO who continues to be employed under Temasek Holdings (TH).

Operating as OneTemasek, our management team implements the strategy and policy directions set by the Temasek Board to fulfil our three roles as investor, institution, and steward. Levels of authority for investment, divestment, and other operational matters are defined according to our Board’s delegation.

Our Global Executive Council (GEC) has the institutional accountability to oversee Temasek’s key business strategies and organisational initiatives. The GEC comprises a group of senior executives and is led by the Temasek CEO.

Our leadership oversees our team and portfolio with the support of the following committees, chaired by our CEO and comprise members of our GEC:

  • Senior Divestment and Investment Committee (SDIC)
  • Senior Management Committee (SMC)
  • Strategy, Portfolio and Risk Committee (SPRC)

The SDIC manages and shapes our portfolio on an ongoing basis and decides on investments and divestments up to the authority limits as delegated by our Board. Investment proposals beyond these authorisation limits are escalated to the ExCo and/or the Board as warranted. Meeting minutes are circulated to the Board.

The SMC reviews and sets overall management and organisational policies. These include internal controls, the implementation of our Derivatives Framework, and the Valuation Policy approved by the Board Audit Committee. The SMC has developed the Temasek Code of Ethics and Conduct (T-Code) and constituted the Ethics Committee to assist in its implementation. All employees are required to observe and comply with the T-Code.

All employees are required to observe and comply with the T-Code.

The SPRC reviews macroeconomic, political, industry, technological, and social trends that provide the context in which new opportunities and risks may arise, in both existing and new markets. It also reviews our overall portfolio construction efforts and investment strategies.

Our list of senior management is available on our corporate website.