Temasek Review 2023
Stewardship and Community

Sharing Perspectives

Temasek regularly engages distinguished industry, policy, and thought leaders through our advisory panels and our network of corporate advisors for insights on business, financial markets, and global affairs. We also exchange ideas and share knowledge on a variety of topics with our partners and portfolio companies.

Temasek International Panel

Our International Panel meets annually in Singapore. Formed in 2004, it comprises prominent global leaders whose knowledge and insights on geostrategic issues have helped sharpen Temasek's strategies in a rapidly changing global business landscape.

Temasek Regional Advisory Panels

As we deepen our reach globally, our regional advisory panels help us stay in touch with eminent business and thought leaders on issues relevant to our investment activities in our key markets. They also facilitate closer collaboration with business stakeholders in the respective regions.

Temasek has two regional panels — the Temasek Americas Advisory Panel and the Temasek European Advisory Panel. Our Temasek Regional Advisory Panels meet at least twice a year.

Temasek Sustainability Advisory Panel

This panel supports the sustainability strategy development of Temasek by bringing together eminent leaders with relevant policy, academic, and industry expertise. The advisors provide market insights, foster strong linkages with global sustainability networks, and engage with members of the Temasek ecosystem on sustainability-related challenges, such as climate change, nature conservation, social inclusion, and responsible technology.

Clean Energy Advisory Group

This group, which comprises eminent leaders in the clean energy space, engages members of the Temasek ecosystem on topics such as Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage; hydrogen; nuclear energy; fusion; and next-generation grids. Their discussions also focus on building an ecosystem centred around technology, policy, operations, safety regulations, and human capital development.

Temasek Roundtables

We organise roundtable forums which bring together our portfolio companies, partners, and members of our wider ecosystem to exchange viewpoints and perspectives. This includes specialist forums and events for leaders from various functions such as community stewardship, cybersecurity, finance, human capital management, sustainability, and technology.

More details on our global advisory network can be found on our corporate website.