Temasek Review 2023

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Opening the GATES to the Workforce

When used well, capital has the power to create a better world for everyone, including See Chun Shan, who was diagnosed with autism when he was nine. A potential employer wouldn’t have guessed it from his resume — the National University of Singapore (NUS) Electrical Engineering graduate had all the right skills on paper, just not the confidence to apply.

Through Growing Autistic Talent for Engineering Sector, or GATES, a talent-matching programme run by research and technology non-profit Trampolene, he got a needed lift. They helped prepare him for the initial interviews, and continue to coach him through his role at ST Engineering’s Commercial Aerospace division, where he landed a position as an electrical engineer in March 2023.

The Temasek-supported programme does not just create entry points to employment in the engineering sector for those on the autism spectrum, but puts in place the structures that will help them succeed. Through GATES, Trampolene aims to train, place, and continuously support the workplace development of 70 young adults by the end of 2024.

As Temasek directs capital towards programmes that promote social progress and build resilience, it is helping to create a more inclusive future, one in which prosperity is realised across multiple dimensions, says Adam Ng, Director of Community Stewardship at Temasek.

“It’s important to think not just about ourselves but also about the generations ahead. Temasek identifies gaps that aren’t addressed and finds ways to help. We want to enable a better world so that communities thrive.”

We are also supporting families through initiatives like the Family Empowerment Programme (FEP). Learn about Irawati’s story